by Burl

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Templeton 03:14
The distance as it grows out in front of us Yet we watch it. Did we care ? Not at all . In denial, we portray just a shell of what was fake. and wrong all along the perpetual state of fear from all that I hear and I bare as I stare at the dark no comfort no resolve only gets absolved when the whole fucking thing blows apart it's understated (the) irrational decisions not acquitted and take over your life Not misbehaving just emotional bull shit Im understanding not thinking in time Let's find a resolution lets find a resolution quick I need a solution I really need a solution to get outta this Are you listening do you hear there's no comfort no resolve only gets absolved when the whole fucking thing blows apart (You gotta cut ) Cut the cords
Phone 02:32
A disparaging motion aired out - ears aloud a silence that everyone fears our bonds break beyond yawns and contact awry disconnected and never near Since this you’d sever All hopes have gone to rot And without regret Won’t hedge my bets Yet you want a second shot You play the back and forth Yet you don’t reveal a voice. Why’d it come to this It’s not hit or miss Show the door, I’ll make the choice Conversing behind the lines leads me to little lies just call me back, when you can who would resort to this living so counterfeit don’t’ come back, it’s the end Why's it when I make noise Suddenly you have a voice? what's the catch today? there's no empathy? not a face to face you're not being real just keep stringing me I can't stand it that's what you've brought forth that's what you've brought I won't need a second thought.
Alaska 01:40
Columns 03:04
Settle down cut the reason from loss severed right down the line on the surface / context little blurry / no less semi-crested spite of their design seek out the skeptics I've said before I'll plant new seeds instead Rattled up on a dry bank and what happens right between the eyes saddle up for the next dixie cup battle crimes from fight to fight and you're on time try to fish out the subtext or plant new seeds instead Defy the anthem, defy We're seeking out skeptics In bright columns of light Bouts to feel so neurotic Awry the item - am I Wearing right down
Wilderness 02:36
Now we must pretend to embrace the wilderness To destroy monotony To welcome the abyss Although darness can't survive In the presence of light Light will not thrive without the path darkness provides This sacred make believe Assimilating wilderness somehow we succeed to forget our mindlessness We must be lost To find the way.


released September 7, 2014

Dave Lowther - Drums
Alan Mills - Guitar / Vocals
Kevin Nowak - Bass / Vocals


all rights reserved



Burl St. Augustine, Florida

Dave Lowther - Drums
Alan Mills - Guitar / Vocals
Eric Patrick - Bass

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